After I graduated from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, and in between stints as a touring musician in various musical projects, I worked as an assistant editor at some of the most established commercial editing firms in the city. I learned the craft of editing from especially seasoned film editors and my career in post-production began at an exciting time, when the technology of nonlinear digital editing systems emerged as the industry standard.

When I set out on my own as an editor I worked closely with director/videographer Richard Sandler on his award- winning documentary The Gods of Times Square (official selection Rotterdam Film & Video Festival 1999). I also edited Side By Side, a short film in the Sundance Screenplay Workshop, with now Academy Award- nominated writer/director Debra Granik (Winter's Bone). My career path brought me to Los Angeles and I have edited nonfiction TV, comedy television, and feature- length documentaries.

My varied experience has taught me to respect and fully utilize the pure rhythmic elements of cinema – pictures, performances, and sounds captured, reorganized, and meticulously nuanced. My work draws upon a diverse palette of tempos and tonalities. I lend my aesthetic sensibility to the vision of every project with the goal of realizing well-crafted onscreen characters and compelling narrative and compositional structures.